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Agent Orange Information  LSR Application Form

Riders, Veterans, and Friends,

Please share with your respective Districts/Chapters/ Posts and save the date to attend

For those of you that don't know me, my name is Ken Couture. I am a member of American Legion Post 58 in Fountain Hills, AZ., a member of the American Legion Rider Chapter 58, Arizona Patriot Guard Riders, and the current Arizona American Legion Riders District Representative for the East Phoenix Metro Area.

American Legion Riders Chapter 58 and the families of American Legion Post 58, Fountain Hills, AZ are hosting an important Veteran's event on April 15, 2017.....The Legion of the Silver Rose Induction Ceremony.

The event will be held at American Legion Post 58, 16837 E. Parkview Ave., Fountain Hills, AZ, 85268, 480-837-5958.

The current Legion of the Silver Rose was founded in 2011 and is administered by Chapter 24, American Legion Rider's, Tombstone, AZ. The Legion of the Silver Rose was founded to call attention to, recognize, and honor Viet Nam War Veteran's suffering from the effects of Agent Orange that were not allowed to be eligible to receive The Purple Heart. The Legion of the Silver Rose hopes to see every Viet Nam War Veteran exposed to Agent Orange given the honor and recognition they deserve. We are continuing that fine tradition on a daily basis and are reaching out in all directions so these deserving men and women and their families may be properly recognized. We are now reaching out to all of you to help advance our cause.

Please, I know this a lot to look at but I implore you to take the time to examine this information and take action.

How can you help:

1.) Attend our Ceremony and honor our Veterans.

2.) Locate Veterans suffering the effects of Agent Orange and assist them in becoming members of the Legion of the Silver Rose.

3.) Help support the Legion of the Silver Rose with a very generous tax deductible contribution.

There will be a motorcade at noon followed by the Induction Ceremony beginning at approximately 12:30 PM followed by a great meal.

These brave Veterans deserve recognition and we hope you will assist by joining us for the ceremony and supporting this noble cause.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

For further information please contact and forward all LSR applications to:

Northern Arizona Legion of the Silver Rose Director
Ron Smith
2121 N. Center St. # 176
Mesa, AZ 85201




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